So holen Sie sich das Hans-Werner-Frömmel- Stipendium im Wert von 5.000 Euro

This is how you get the Hans-Werner-Frömmel-Grant in the amount of 5.000 EUR

Natanja C. Pascottini,

Applicants for the MBA program „International Hospitality and Spa Management” have the chance to apply for two Hans-Werner-Frömmel-Grant in the total amount of 10.000 EUR.

Hans Werner Frömmel himself is a successful tourism entrepreneur and owner of several hotels in Austria. He is willed to strengthen tourism education, that’s why he donates that grant, which is offered via the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria. This is how it works.

Step 1: Send your application.
Apply for a study place at the MBA program “International Hospitality and Spa Management” officially. Application is possible due to 31st July 2017. Here you find all relevant info, how to apply. If you are accepted as a student, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Write a motivation letter for the Hans-Werner-Frömmel-Grant
Tell us, why you are an ideal candidate for receiving the grant. Why do you want to graduate from this MBA program? What’s makes yourself a special person within the hospitality and spa industry? Send your motivation letter to .

Step 3: Evaluation
Your motivation letter will be sent to an international jury from the hospitality and spa industry. After receiving their decision, we will inform the two winners (each grant is worth 5.000 EUR) until the end of August 2017. Good luck!


Visit International Hospitality and Spa Management’s website here or get in contact with our course director Daniel Binder via email: