Why I took part in an exchange program
Aljaž Planinšek loves travelling and getting to know new cultures. That's why he took part in the exchange program at FH JOANNEUM. Photo: Private

Why I took part in an exchange program

Iryna Lukashuk ,

Every semester we open our doors to students from all over the world. Although the year 2020 brought us different challenges, we are still glad to support our international students in their desire to gain international experience. Aljaž Planinšek, an exchange student from Slovenia, who’s studying this semester Global Business Program at FH JOANNEUM, talks about his experience of studying in Graz.

Why did you decided to do an exchange semester?

Because I think it is an amazing experience from which you can benefit a lot. You get to know the language, the people, the culture, and many more interesting things. What I also find interesting is that you get to know so many different learning processes which help you a lot in your career, not to mention the knowledge that you gain.

Why did you choose FH JOANNEUM as your exchange university?

After doing a little research I found out that Graz is known as one of the cities with a huge number of students. It is also a very nice city! Then I got in contact with one of the students, that have already been at FH JOANNEUM and he highly recommended it to me. I found out that the faculty has a good reputation and gives you a lot of useful knowledge. So, it was not hard to make a decision.

What do you enjoy about studying at FH JOANNEUM?  

While the Covid-19 restrictions do not allow us to have classes at the university, unfortunately we cannot experience the proper atmosphere of studying here. But still professors are doing their best to give us the best possible experience and knowledge. I admire the way of teaching at FH JOANNEUM because all the theory we get is based on real work, which makes it easier to understand and use in real life.

What are your biggest challenges and obstacles during your time abroad? 

At first, I though the biggest challenge will be getting to know people but after a few days the biggest challenge appeared to be how to start working for school, because we have such a great time together. But when the lectures started the work for Uni was not a problem either. Now the biggest challenge would be the language. By now the Covid-19 restrictions are not a challenge anymore but more of an everyday thing. I think everyone expected some new regulations.

What are your biggest learnings during your time abroad? 

I would say that I gained a lot of useful knowledge from the classes, which will come in handy in my future career. On the other side you get to learn a lot about life itself. You are far away from home and everything you must do is by yourself.

The three words you associate with the students here are .. 

Funny, helpful, and very kind.

The three words you associate with the lecturers and professors here are ... 

Open minded, experienced, and very nice and kind.

The three words you associate with your exchange semester here are...  

Amazing, adventurous, educational.

What would you tell students who want to take part in an exchange program?

If you have any doubts whether you should go or not, leave those doubts at home and attend the semester abroad! You will have an amazing time with many new and different people. The whole experience is very beneficial for you in every aspect. I highly recommend it!


Aljaž Planinšek takes part in the Global Business Program. It provides incoming students with a wide variety of seminars and lectures in the field of International Business taught by distinguished international faculty.