German as a Foreign Language

Cultural Diversity at FH JOANNEUM

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

International degree seeking students and exchange students are going to present their home countries within the scope of so called "Intercultural Evenings”.

After a short intercultural introduction, there will be interesting and entertaining country presentations. Since each student will lay a different focus, we are already looking forward to an exciting course of lectures which will point out the intercultural diversity at FH JOANNEUM. After the presentations, there will be a short contemplation and discussion of the findings.

Learning outcomes

The course aims to develop the following skills in students: cultural self-awareness, an appreciation of cultural difference, a facility to interpret actions in many ways in order to facilitate cultural understanding, intercultural communication skills and sensitivity for intercultural issues.

Moreover, local students gain the possibility to participate in “internationalization at home” and the cultural diversity and heterogeneity at FH JOANNEUM is emphasized.

Mode of delivery

Students participating in the course "Cultural Diversity at FH JOANNEUM" have to attend at least 80% of the Intercultural Evenings. After each presentation, short reflectional assignments have to be fulfilled in an accompanying Moodle course. In order to finish the course, a final report on the entire course of lectures has to be handed in. This final report can also be used as part of the experience report for module 3 (intercultural courses) of the Intercultural Skills Certificate.

Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment, 2 ECTS