German as a Foreign Language

German Beginners 3 (A2/1)

Seminar, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

The basic course “Grundstufe 3” focuses on your grammar competences and the structure of the German language. It should be combined with the courses “Reading and Writing 1 (A2)” and “Listening and Speaking 1 (A2)” in order to train all four competences.

Learning outcomes

This course will focus on enlarging the student’s range of vocabulary and expressions and will be exposed to more complex issues of grammar at level A2/1 such as: Past tense (“Präteritum”) from "haben", "sein" and modal verbs, perfect tense (“Perfekt”), making requests using "sollte" and imperatives, comparison and graduation of adjectives, verbs with Dativ, pronouns with Dativ, position of pronouns, verbs with prepositions, "Wechselpräpositionen", temporal and local prepositions, subordinate clauses with "wenn" and "dass", relative and idefinite pronouns etc.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

You will get up-to-date and didactic teaching materials in the course, which are designed specifically to meet the needs of your language Level (€ 14,-).

Mode of delivery

Communicative Teaching with focus on grammar and its functions.

Assessment methods and criteria

Requirements: regular attendance (80%) and participation, homework

Assessment: 2 exams