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Architecture & Management

Architektur & Management 3

The Institute of Architecture & Management, which belongs to the Department of Building, Energy & Society, focuses on an all-round approach to architectural processes – from design through to project management. There is a strong emphasis on the practice-based teaching of architectural planning and the development of innovative solutions within modern architectural practice.

In addition to the Master’s degree programme in Architecture, the Institute also has a dedicated R&D Centre, which carries out specialised studies and research projects.

Plans are also currently underway for the introduction of a Master’s course in Building Information Modelling, which highlights the all-round approach of the Institute. Participants will learn about state-of-the-art methods and work forms designed to meet the high demands placed on the architecture, design and construction of buildings.

The Timber Academy, established as a forum for training and further education in cooperation with proHolz Steiermark, completes the range of learning opportunities offered by the Institute to students, graduates and professionals working in the field.

Fields of Expertise: Research and Development

The Institute addresses issues of modern architectural development with a focus on:

  • modular construction,
  • wood building and design,
  • innovative strategies for residential building and
  • modern architecture in the context of existing structures.

The Institute is also actively involved in cross-disciplinary activities in “Sustainable Urban Development” at the Department of Building, Energy & Society.

Specialised and development studies are prepared in collaboration with local authorities, city councils and private contractors in the business sector and are published in specialist journals.

Master's degree programme