Applicants with Children


Studying abroad with children

Students with a child/children who want to take part in the ERASMUS+ programme may apply for a special grant from the National Agency ERASMUS+ to supplement the ERASMUS+ grants for studies or internships abroad. This special grant helps to cover any additional costs relating to the mobility. The term ‘additional costs’ is based on a comparison of the study situation at home/at the home institution and the situation in the host country/at the host university and in particular relates to care costs/travel costs.

Calculation Applicants taking their own children abroad as part of an ERASMUS+ mobility will receive a fixed sum of 120 euros per month (4 euros per day) for the first child, following approval. This sum increases by 30 euros per month (1 euro per day) for the second and third child respectively.

Documents to apply for a special grant The following documents must be presented in order to receive a special grant: * Application form: completed correctly and in full (see downloads at the end of this page) * Birth certificate of child/children (copy) * Registration form ("Meldezettel") of child/children (copy) * Registration form ("Meldezettel") of applying student

The application has to be submitted to the ERASMUS+ National Agency by the International Relations Office.

Please make sure to meet the following deadlines: * 15 June for mobilities in the upcoming winter term
* 15 November for mobilities in the upcoming summer term

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