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Covid-19 Update: Study online!

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As from 16 March 2020, some 5,000 FH JOANNEUM students are studying online. Lectures, meetings or group work all go virtual. Lecturers and students will interact via digital channels until further notice.

"Study online" is the new motto at FH JOANNEUM. We call on our students and staff to observe the movement restrictions put in place by the Federal Government and to use our digital infrastructure for teaching and communication.

A total of 1500 lectures have been moved online, several others will follow. Lecturers and students communicate online. We show you how this is done in tutorials for lecturers and for students.

The first Master's exams have already been completed online. We are currently working on additional alternatives to in-person exams in the form of online exams or alternative options to provide evidence of achievement. The same applies to solutions for internships and study abroad semesters which cannot be carried out at present or had to be cancelled. Degree theses can be submitted electronically.

FH JOANNEUM remains open for prospective students. Our virtual course guidance service answers all questions you may have regarding our courses, application and admissions process.

The summer application deadline is 8 June 2020. Find out more.

You can contact us as follows:

Many questions regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on universities are answered on the FAQ (in German) page of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.


Study online: IT tips. Due to the increased volume of helpdesk requests we have summarized the most important facts here.