FH JOANNEUM attracts 4.3 million euros in donor funding and offers Master programme on EU project management

FH JOANNEUM zieht 4,3 Millionen Euro Fördermittel an Land und bietet Lehrgang zu EU-Projektmanagement an 2

In July 2020, three new funding projects were acquired by the Institute of International Management at FH JOANNEUM on the key topic of "Entrepreneurial Education". The institute has attracted a total of over 4.3 million EUR in funding. The expertise in EU funding is passed on through the FH JOANNEUM’s Master of Science programme "European Project Management".

The Institute of International Management is very active in the topic "Entrepreneurial Education" in international projects. The submitted projects GREENOVET, ENCORE and Entrepreneurial Education in Burkina Faso offer developmental activities spanning over three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). With a very high funding volume, totalling 4,358,839.00 EUR, experts will work on the implementation of the projects together with partners from all over the world. The Institute is proud that despite the very competitive funding programmes, 100% success rate in the acquisition of those projects was achieved.

The Institute of International Management passes on its expertise in EU funding in the "European Project Management"programme at FH JOANNEUM. The part-time Master's degree programme prepares participants to derive the greatest possible benefit from EU funding programmes for their business.
Christian Friedl, MSc., Head of the Master’s programme, tresses: "The aim is to give students a deeper understanding of how to successfully acquire and manage funding projects.” The application deadline for the winter semester, which starts with a new curriculum, is on August 17, 2020.

The funding projects

The expertise of the Institute of International Management becomes evident in the project "GREENOVET - European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation". The project receives 3,505,595.00 EUR in funding, which will be used for the development and establishment of centres for vocational education and training in four European regions, including Styria. The four-year research project will start on 1 November 2020 and is coordinated by DI. Dr. Bojan Jovanovski.

The project "ENCORE - Entrepreneurship Knowledge Centers to Foster Innovative Entrepreneurship Practices in Education and Research" also deals with the topic "Entrepreneurial Education". The aim is to create awareness for entrepreneurial education and development in order to promote innovation at universities in Bhutan, Nepal and Laos. A total of 830,844.00 EUR is available for this purpose.

The project "Entrepreneurial Education in Burkina Faso" receives 22,400 EUR funding and it supports the education of the faculty members of the Burkina Faso Institute of Technology (BIT). The focus is on enabling students to generate creative ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business.

The Institute of International Management passes on its expertise in EU funding in the Master’ programme.

Learn how to write your own EU-funding proposal and apply for the Master's programm "European Project Management" until August 31.