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New JPResse is Here!

Studying JPR at FH JOANNEUM: All you need to know!

Die JPResse ist da

Every year the students of "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)" at the FH JOANNEUM produce an info sheet. By our current students for our future students. We call it JPResse!

After graduating from school, thousands of young people are standing in front of a new chapter. Those of you who have found their field of interest have already decided where your journey is headed. But there are also some of you who have not made a choice yet because there are many options, such as "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)". With the JPResse, 40 students want to help out all of them - the ones who already know and the ones who don’t.

JPResse shows you what's behind the acronym "JPR”. You´ll not only find information about JPR itself, but also get information about us - year JPR21. Although we have known each other only for several months, we have already experienced a lot together. Studying is far more than learning. That's why we founded a soccer team, the “Club de Foot”, which you can read about in this JPResse. Some say that college days are the “best days in a lifetime”. We just took this quote and decided to go for it in our next three years together, with "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)".

The JPResse has been created by students for students. Whether you have already decided or you´re still unsure about what could be the course of your dreams. In the JPResse, you´ll find all kinds of information important for students. The JPResse tells you everything about daily life in "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)" at the FH JOANNEUM, and we also provide some insider hacks about the admission process. You can also find survival guides, podcasts, and interviews with lecturers and students in the JPResse.

Get the current issue of JPResse here: * Spotify: InsideJPR * Soundcloud: InsideJPR * TikTok: JPResse

Written by Benjamin Zakary, Mario Sasek, Samuel Marton, students of the year JPR21 of "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)"