Projects, Presentations, and Perspectives in One Lecture

Three companies were the focus of three student teams during the summer semester 2018


Three companies were the focus of three student teams supervised by lecturers in one project class during the summer semester 2018.

With Anton Paar GmbH, Saubermacher AG, and POD International, three internationally operating companies gave third-year students of the Bachselor's degree programme in International Management the opportunity to apply their skills in real-life tasks, guided by inputs of the Institute of International Management's faculty.

Recruiting page analysis, market analysis, strategic development, business modelling, blue ocean design, gamification, sales pitches, creativity tools, and innovation techniques were some of the topics the student teams were working on to approach the goals given by the companies.

Saubermacher AG, POD International, and Anton Paar expressed their satisfaction with the results after the students' professional presentations in front of juries consisting of company representatives, customers, and lecturers.

“We can really recommend projects in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM! Creative ideas of the students paired with state-of-the-art science lead to new and innovative ideas.“

Mag. Florian Schnabl, M.Sc., Assistant General Manager, POD International

“Here I would like to thank especially the students of FH JOANNEUM. During the whole project, they showed untiring personal commitment and delivered a perfect final presentation with valuable results for Saubermacher.“

Gerhard Hecker, Saubermacher AG

“Thank you very much for the quality presentation and the excellent results that will definitely help us to transform our external presence.”

Marko Mandic, Department Manager HR Process Management und Project Manager, Anton Paar GmbH

“It was incredible to experience the motivation and dedication with which the students of International Management presented their results.”

Bernd Muhr, Department Manager Recruiting & Personnel Development, Anton Paar GmbH

The third-year students of the Bachselor's degree programme in International Management on their side praised the practical know-how they gained in the real life projects.

“The project lecture has not only helped us to apply the subjects we learned in the last three years in a compact and targeted way. Additionally, it offered us a good insight into the startup scene and was an excellent preparation for the job market.“

Claudia Angermayr, third-year student

“It is always interesting to work on a project together with a company, which gives us the chance to put our knowledge to the test under real conditions. We are grateful that Saubermacher AG and the exciting task of a market analysis entrusted.”

Tobias Hinterecker, third-year atudent

“Our group felt that we were able to establish a valuable practical connection to our studies. In real life not everything works like textbook and as planned and one has to look for creative solutions - a great experience.”

Selda Nedelko, third-year student

“The results of our work had a direct impact on the company's decisions. We gained important experience for our professional life - regardless of whether we are self-employed in the future or self-employed as employees.”

Franziska Heinzmann, third-year student

“Through the projects with internationally active companies, we, the students, can gain very practical and relevant experience. And we can establish the initial contact with potential future employers.”

Sophia Pauer, third-year student

During the project lecture, the lecturers were impressed with their students' efforts. Christian Friedl, Senior Lecturer, praised the students’ creativity and potential for fresh ideas developed into fully-grown business models, and Lisa Mahajan, Lecturer, saw the experience of working with a successful company as enriching for the students.

With the projects and the presentations, the lecture prepares the students for a future in internationally operating companies.