Reading: The New JPResse is Here

What to expect from the degree programme "Journalism and Public Relations (PR)"

Lesestoff: Die JPResse ist da 2

The JPResse is intended to give interested parties an insight into the bachelor's programme Journalism and Public Relations (PR). Due to the current situation, it will appear online this year.

With the JPResse we want to give you a first insight into the study and an overview of the admission procedure. Within two weeks we planned the 12th edition of the JPResse, wrote texts, and designed the magazine. You could have taken the print version home with you on the Open Day on 14 March. But since the Open Day was postponed indefinitely due to the corona virus, we are now presenting our work online.

Photo: Petra Schwarz
Handling different media is part of it from the very beginning

The head of the degree programme Heinz M. Fischer answers questions about the media world in an interview. You will learn what the egg-laying wool-milk sow is all about and you will encounter the word media hell more than once. We will give you important tips on the admissions process, on how to survive your studies and on the right way to deal with social media. You will get to know the lecturers and get an overview of the courses of the first semester.

Photo: Petra Schwarz
The egg-laying wool-milk sow will soon be familiar to you, too

To make sure that you don't get lost on campus in the beginning, you will find a map with the most important buildings for us JPR students. But you will soon find your way around without any problems.

Practical work is very important at FH JOANNEUM. We will introduce you to some of the projects you will be working on during your studies. In addition, graduates will tell you about their previous work experience.

The current situation is new for all of us. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to say whether the dates given are correct with regard to the admission procedure. But you will be kept up to date on social media and our website.

If you want to be part of the JPR20 student cohort, you might even be able to use the current situation to your advantage: Zeit im Bild, Ö1 and the many newspapers are waiting for you. Throw yourself into media hell and transform it into a media heaven for yourself. Have fun with the preparations and stay healthy!

This article were written by Sarah Kowatschek and Anna Papst. The illustrations were made by Petra Schwarz. Sarah, Anna,, and Petra are all students of Journalism and Public Relations (PR)