SAPIENS: a cutting-edge feedback management tool for universities

Say goodbye to generic and delayed feedback - SAPIENS is revolutionizing the way students receive and act on feedback.

SAPIENS - ein hochmodernes Feedback-Management-Tool für Hochschulen ist jetzt online!

SAPIENS, an Erasmus+ project co-financed by the European Union and led by the Universidad Loyola Andalucía, has successfully developed an innovative tool that detects and assesses learning shortcomings/gaps among students individually and in the class as a whole.

The project aims to empower professors to implement new, competence-based assessment methodologies and tools in online or blended learning pathways in Higher Education studies.

The consortium, including INCOMA, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, University of Bielefeld, and FH JOANNEUM, has collaborated to increase professors' skills in designing and implementing high-quality curricula for students based on evidence provided by the SAPIENS Competence Assessment Tool. By adopting an assessment tool based on competences, the project promotes a greater adaptation of curricula and training programs, making qualifications easier to understand, particularly by the labour market.

The SAPIENS Competence Assessment Tool enables Higher Education Institutions to improve their capacities to offer online or blended learning pathways while promoting their competitiveness in an increasingly digital world and fostering transnational cooperation. The tool empowers professors to implement new, competence-based assessment methodologies and tools, promoting innovation in Higher Education.