Stoelzle Oberglas – Glass in International Business

Getting insights into sustainability and challenges

Stoelzle Oberglas - Glas im internationalen Geschäft

First-hand insights about sustainability and the challenges faced in production.

Our lecture "International Business and Entrepreneurial Perspectives" in the first semester of International Management combines theoretical input with real life experience of companies like Stoelzle Oberglas, one of the leading producers of high-end glass packaging worldwide, which our students visited before Christmas.

Together with Birgit Burböck, the students of the MIG19 cohort were getting first-hand insights directly from the CEO DI Feith and the Head of HR, Mag. Riedler, who talked about sustainability and the challenges faced in production.

Stoelzle is an internationally operating company with six production sites and 2800 employees worldwide, which makes it a perfect example for a lecture dealing with international business. Headquartered in Köflach, Stoelzle manufactures moulded glass containers for the pharmaceutical, spirits, food, perfumery, and cosmetic industry in a huge variety of different designs and sizes.

We would like to thank CEO DI Feith and Head of HR Mag. Riedler for their time and their insights into their company.