Update project „EnterSchoolMind”


Work on the project EnterSchoolMind is now well under way. Project progress and the most important contributions of the partner institutions can be found in the recently published newsletter.

Since the start of the project, focus groups have come together to identify the eight most important entrepreneurial competences to be developed in primary schools in the partner countries Cyprus, Greece, UK, and Austria.

Recently the first newsletter was published, summing up the main contributions from all the partner institutions and listing the top competences to be developed as creativity, ethical and sustainable thinking, self-awareness and self-efficiency, motivation and perseverance, planning and management, coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk, working with others, and learning through experience.

Already in February 2019, the Austrian focus group met at FH JOANNEUM for discussion. Participants from primary schools from Graz and surroundings, business representatives, and experts from the University College of Teacher Education Styria discussed important competences with the conclusion that entrepreneurial mindset should be seen as an additional value for the community and the environment. The project EnterSchoolMind addresses the development of an entrepreneurial mindset of pupils in primary schools in Cyprus, Greece, and the UK.

For more information on the project, please contact Clarissa Maierhofer.