Bachelor's thesis

3D Game Assets

The creation and usage of 3D assets.

Vorlage Bachelorarbeiten Deu. (Copy) (Copy) 25

Video games consist of certain ele- ments, the so‒called game assets. The aim of this thesis is to illustrate the creation of 3D game assets with the aid of a practical example. In doing so, each step is explained: from drawing the first sketches to modeling and texturing the final 3D object. It is furthermore shown how these game assets can be used and integrated into a game engine. Finally, this thesis presents guidelines which should be considered during creation, as well as strategies for the effective creation of a variety of high‒quality 3D game assets and game performance opti- mization. For the practical part of this thesis, diverse 3D game assets were prepared for the landscape of a game with an innovative concept.