Bachelor’s Thesis

At war with the peace mission

About the transformative role of data in concept development

At war with the peace mission 1

How to create a responsive media environment with meaningful impact? Rather than merely focusing on entertainment or aesthetics, the author’s aim is to create an interactive data visualization addressing the responsible exports of defence goods by European Union Member States. The work covers the entire production process in its organizational, content‒focused, de- sign-related and technical dimensions and is therefore aimed at creative people, technologists and anyone interested in promoting dialogue and exchange using innovative media.

An essential focus is also on the analysis of the topic as an essential part of the production process. In this respect, the topic‒specific aspects of responsible arms exports are examined and the work with data is discussed, both in the context of concept development and design. The thesis also explains the planning for the production process and finally outlines the software development for the technical implementation of the project.

Photo: © FH JOANNEUM / Information Design