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Bringing Design to Newcastle

Can Newcastle be a City of Design?

Bringing Design to Newcastle 3

Newcastle upon Tyne—a city in the north-east of England. The biggest one in this region, known for its industrial history, its buzzing nightlife and its seven bridges. Design and culture did not play an important role over the last decades. The strong decline of the industries, the closing of all the coal mines and the strong rising of unemployment were the more pressing issues.

The city council acknowledged that something needed to be done to make Newcastle a thriving city again. They focused on emphasizing the rich history of the city and on expanding the cultural sector in every way. Museums and galleries were popping up at every corner and Newcastle is now a place for new architecture, culture and great art. The city focuses on the development of design and art and uses it as a way to engage with the local community as well as bringing tourists into the city. The result of this master's thesis is a kind of portfolio for the city, as well as the concept of a travelling exhibition which deals with the art and design scene in Newcastle.