Bachelor's Thesis

Coding of a Shop System: Structure and User Interface

Codierung eines Shopsystems: Struktur und User Interface

Countless elements are necessary to run a successful online shop. While the work of frontend developers is visible to the general public, the essential basics remain hidden in the background.

The design of a digital shop system for Austrian handcrafted products is the startingpoint of this bachelor thesis. Such a system consisting of the front-end user interface, the back-end for content management and a relational database. Particular focus is placed on coding in the technical and asthetical sense. The structure of the shop is thus outlined – from programming the code with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and Javascript to the functions of text and images. "Coding a shop system" gives a concise insight into the development effort of such a project. Both the visual design and the programming scripts that are invisible to the user must work properly in order to successfully create a small, but fancy digital store.