Creative Bodies – Creative Minds

Media coverage of an international and interdisciplinary conference


The international and interdisciplinary conference CREATIVE BODIES - CREATIVE MINDS connects various aspect of Gender Studies, creativity and Do-It-Yourself (DIY). It is strongly inspired by the conference “Talking Bodies“ which takes place at the University of Chester, England, every two years. Nine students of the course "Journalism & Public Relations" are responsible for the media coverage of CREATIVE BODIES - CREATIVE MINDS.

From February 26th to February 27th, 2018 the conference CREATIVE BODIES - CREATIVE MINDS will take place for the first time in Graz. The conference covers topics such as gender roles in the new media, diverse concepts of creativity or creative methods for teaching or research projects.

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Goal: Interdisiplinary Networking

The conference aims to connect the results of different research fields and pays special attention to the interplay between gender aspects and creativity. Based on the interdisciplinary exchange there will be new approaches for future research. Especially the following questions will be discussed:

  • Which types of creativity exist in our "culture" and how are they interlinked with gender aspects?
  • What ideas of creativity and gender aspects will we have in the future?
  • How does culture shape and change our ideas of gender aspects?

Emma Rees, Professor of Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Chester, who was also the founder and initiator of “Talking Bodies”, as well as Marta Hawkins, Director of the Future Entrepreneurship Centre of the university of Plymouth, will give keynotes at the conference at the Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz.

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Media Coverage

We, a project team of nine students of the course "Journalism & Public Relations", are responsible for the pre-conference communication on all channels. Furthermore, we actively participate in the dialogue about gender, creativity and bodies via various articles and social media content. Just register for the conference via the official website and discuss with us.

Project team: Judith Brossmann, Leonhard Doppler, Johanna Fleischanderl, Samira Frauwallner, Ana Lagger, Sophie Marak, Magdalena Mayer, Louis Oelmann, Philipp Trummer (all JPR16)

Project lead: Susanne Sackl-Sharif und Gudrun Reimerth

Project partners

  1. University of Graz
  2. FH JOANNEUM, Institute of Journalism and Public Relations
  3. Technical University Graz

Text: Louis Oelmann & Philipp Trummer (JPR16) / Videos: Ana Lagger & Judith Brossmann (JPR16)