Master´s Thesis | Exhibition Design


Reduction as a measure of sustainability

Essenziell 2

In a time fundamentally shaped by changes, privileges that were taken for granted suddenly become apparent. We are reminded of what really matters in life. The factor of sustainability becomes elementary. The allocation of resources becomes indispensable. It is the basics and the essential that are now reflected on.

In this master’s thesis, the author sets a focus on various facets of reduction and shows the chances that are hidden in them. The intention is to provide a possible answer to the problem of overabundance in exhibition design. The aim of the thesis is to reflect on which components of an exhibition design are indispensable in order to develop its full effectiveness and how this can contribute to sustainability. Therefore, the aspects of material, light, and color are particularly relevant as a means of staging. Within the master’s thesis, ambivalence culminates in the term reduction and is additionally illustrated by interviews with experts.