Master's Thesis | Exhibition Design

Exhibiting work

Who does what and how & can you have a look at it?

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Company museums and brand worlds nowadays form a significant part of the exhibition world. We are interested in where, how and by whom the products of our daily use are manufactured—and companies react accordingly by setting up various experience offers, like classic company museums, factory tours and immersive worlds. The entrepreneurial motives for staging are manifold and corporate scenography is a format that offers many opportunities to reach the target group.

Analysing exemplary existing adventure tours and adventure worlds, both regionally and internationally led to the questions “Can you exhibit work?” and “What is the work of an exhibition?” The focus was on developing of a methodology for the successful staging of experiences. This work provides an overview of the necessary core elements of a coherent corporate scenography, also with regard to the special challenges involved in the conception and design of an experience tour in a busy work environment.