Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design


Traditional graphic design meets new technologies

Flux 1

Many designers of the 20th century made unfortunate contributions to a plethora of social, ecological, and economical damages. It is now the 21st century designers’ duty to compensate for the damage done. Flux addresses the uncertainty about the essential actions of future designers and explains why the task of changing the world is also in their hands. Shaping our every day goes hand in hand with shaping our society.

Global networking, ecological change and the search of a new social balance are changing our world. All these factors are creating new possibilities for creators: Designers have the opportunity to become inventors, agents and connectors. They have the power to create images that don’t yet exist and visualize the solutions that are needed to initiate movements towards a successful future. The thesis displays the requirements of a new generation of designers and the importance of making design an engine of progress for eco‒social transformation. The AR posters of this thesis are a combination of traditional graphic design and new technologies. It is meant to be a wakeup call for all those who are still closing their eyes to the truth.