Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Interactive Web Experiences

Interaktive Weberlebnisse

With this bachelor’s thesis, the author is trying to find out which impact animations and interactions have on users. The process of creating an interactive website and what needs to be considered is discussed. The bachelor’s thesis also deals with the development of different web technologies, contemporary web design, and current trends. How does a website design come about in the first place? What is interaction and how can it take place?

Important and frequently used interactive elements of a website are presented, including different types of buttons, selection elements, and versions of cards and sliders. Often the display of animations in designs poses problems. On this topic, useful functions of common web design tools are mentioned that are helpful in this respect. Furthermore, complex animation tools, such as Webflow, AfterEffects and Lottie, as well as their possible applications are introduced. Finally, the author discusses the difficulties in creating and implementing interactions and presents a solution for designers, developers, and customers.