Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Like that

UX Design as a key for emotional experiences with digitised memorabilia.

So ähnlich - UX-Design als Schlüssel für emotionale Erlebnisse mit digitalisierten Erinnerungsstücken 4

Memorabilia of loved deceased people often have a high emotional value for the bereaved. Especially with handwritten books, one often has the feeling that one can recognise a part of the author's personality. Yet, the digitisation of such creations is often combined with loss in terms of sensuality of the object. Is it possible to find a solution to recreate the emotional experience in a virtual context and even expand it with the help of user experience design?

The cookery books, written by Hermine Baumgartner, were digitised and transliterated as faithfully to the original as possible. Multidisciplinary methods helped create a prototype for a website which presents the content of the books. The author gives an overview over the broad field of work of user experience designers and picks out new approaches for finding inspiration for digital identities with the help of graphology as a central theme.

Photo: © FH JOANNEUM / Information Design