The M-Commerce project focuses on employee training in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The aim is to further develop and expand mobile commerce activities in SMEs. This EU-funded project is carried out together with international university partners.

The first phase of the project comprises a state-of-the-art analysis of m-commerce activities and requirements based on online surveys, interviews and the evaluation of secondary data. The country-specific results are coordinated and provide the basis for the development of the m-commerce training. This phase also results in a best practice database listing successful existing m-commerce solutions.

The second phase involves developing the training course based on the results obtained from the first phase together with the project partners.

The third phase focuses on implementing the training courses to be carried out in selected companies in all partner countries. Special emphasis will be placed on selecting a balanced mix of companies from commerce and industry.

The following activities are carried out as part of the project:
  • Overview of status quo of m-commerce in different European regions
  • Compiling best practice examples from different regions
  • Developing teaching and learning materials for m-commerce training
  • Implementing the training course in all seven partner countries with a minimum of ten SME employees per training cycle
  • Developing m-commerce strategies and initial solution approaches for m-commerce applications for each participating SME and each training cycle

The state-of-the-art analysis for m-commerce requirements and activities conducted at the start of the project will also be integrated into the development of the training course.

The training modules include
  • basic knowledge of m-commerce
  • online marketing
  • social media marketing
  • mobile website usability
  • mobile webshop optimisation
  • legal and security aspects

Project management includes an internal project manual and an external evaluator to ensure the quality and sustainability of the project.