Bachelor’s Thesis


Design and conception of a modular bar system

modul[b]ar 4

This Bachelor thesis describes the design and implementation of a mobile, multifunctional and modular bar concept for the start-up brewery NOOM.

The aim was to develop a bar that can be used both in the brewery‘s taproom and at events. The requirement profile defined with the company includes the following criteria: stability, sustainability, representative look, storage space for bar equipment, modularity, multifunctionality, lowest possible acquisition costs, intuitive assembly and disassembly and transportability. Three prototypes were used to test technical solutions before implementation. Sketches, 3D renderings and photos visualize the development process and functionality of the final product.

The bar was realized individual modules, with each module having five parts that consist of steel, wood and concrete. This enables the conversion into a sales counter, table and bench. Analyses of five existing mobile bar concepts and findings from a target group analysis were incorporated into the conception of the workpiece.