Master's Thesis | Media Design

Photogrammetry | And its application in motion graphics

How photogrammetry can be integrated into the workflow when creating 3D animations.

Photogrammetrie und dessen Anwendung für Motion Graphics 1

A steadily growing demand for high‒quality assets in the field of 3D visualization is increasing the need to create realistic 3D models and textures. The problem which arises is that their creation is often time‒consuming and costly. A process which can counteract this problem can be found in the field of photogrammetry. This is a method by which the condition, shape and posi-tion of objects in space can be defined through photographic measurement images. From the resulting point information, 3D objects can subsequently be created.

Within the framework of this thesis an animation, which should demonstrate the integration of photogrammetry into common 3D workflows, was created. The design process serves as a starting point for a written documentation, which should demonstrate how to ensure an optimal preparation and use of extremely detailed 3D assets.