Procedural 3D for Film

The creation of a short movie

Vorlage Bachelorarbeiten Deu. (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) 7

When producing an animated short film, there are many difficult decisions to be made. One question, whose importance is often underestimated, is the question of which tools are to be used in order to achieve the goals which were set. Given the current plethora of software packages, it is now incredibly difficult to choose the right ones.

This thesis investigates the viability of Houdini from Side Effects as a tool with which to tackle various difficult tasks during the creation of a short film. It furthermore examines the differences between Houdini and other software packages in detail, and also highlights the advantages of a procedural approach. The power of Houdini in combination with a procedural ap- proach is also recorded in detail. In the long run, Houdini’s strength lies in its ability to create effects with dynamic simulations. All of these investiga- tions revolve around the creation of a personal project, which serves as an example of the typical challenges of such projects.