Master's Thesis

Red Dot for Shaping Human Cities

Red Dot Design Award for Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek and Julia Prinz

Red Dot Design Award für Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek, Julia Prinz

Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in a city? Do we have the freedom to shape our city? What makes a city our city? Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale is a European research project with partners from eleven cities and was realized as a master's thesis for Exhibition Design. The Human Citizens face these questions collaboratively and develop ideas and solutions for a better quality of life in urban areas. Several urban experiments were conceptualized and realized.

They were presented in the exhibition SHAPING HUMAN CITIES from 5 May to 24 June 2018. The aim of the exhibition design was to make this multitude of information accessible in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Therefore four formats were developed.

WANNA PLAY? presented the cities‘ projects as mini golf courses which could be played by the visitors.
LET’S TAKE ACTION! comprised of three hands-on stations which gave the visitors tips on how improve their urban environment.
WANNA TRAVEL? brought all participating cities to Graz and informed about their special features.
WANNA TASTE? was an event that invited 20 guests on four Sundays to experience the taste oft the human cities projects.

Text: Tessa Kaczenski Photography: Cara Mielzarek, Lena Prehal