Master's Thesis | Exhibition Design

Tschako | The giants of Murau

The conception of a game for the immaterial cultural heritage of the Murau region

Vorlage AUD Master (Copy) (Copy) 37

How can a game expand the possibilities of providing access to cultural and educational content in museums? There has been significant tension between educational and video games for a long time — not least because games are often only associated with fun. However, some scientific studies have found that games can support the learning process.

Tschako — The Giants of Murau, a concept for a smartphone game, constitutes the practical part of this thesis. A planned exhibition on the intangible cultural heritage of the Murau region was meant to, among other things, increase public awareness of the Samson tradition and the Murauer Bürgergarde association. The aim of this thesis is to ensure that young people become familiar with the issues of forgetting and preserving the traditions of their region.