Yacht of the Future

In Collaboration with Sunbeam Yachts

The project aims to develop visions of the yacht of the future with a horizon of 2025.

The yacht industry is stagnating or even declining. Due to the demographic change, especially the branch of sailing yachts is confronted with an aging of its customers. Current yachts offer mainly an orientation towards pure sailing.

The design process of the project aims to develop visions of the yacht of the future with a horizon of 2025. Living and spending one‘s free time on the water is at the center. The insights gained will be translated into pioneering design concepts, while considering the tradition and design philosophy of Sunbeam Yachts.

5th semester Bachelor's degree programme / Winter semester 2015/16

Sunbeam AMBIANCE 50’

Alexander Reinalter, Edwin Senger

The concept sailing yacht AMBIANCE 50‘ is designed as a wedge-shaped 50-feet mono-hull vessel with a focus on an interaction with the environment, maximum usability and classy elegance. The rear can be opened towards the water, thereby enlarging the usable space on the boat. The yacht convinces with its sleek and timeless design language.


Anja Didrichsons, Maximilian Troicher

Sunbeam CONCEPT_ONE is a catamaran with integrated storage and charging possibilities for two electric motorcycles. Central European countries not only offer the best sailing areas, but also wonderful coastal roads and mountain passes.

As a result, the Concept_One provides the perfect base for a dream holiday, combining the elegance of sailing with the passion and adrenaline of motorcycling. The electric bikes have a range of about 400 kilometers. In design terms, the process was guided by the emotions and dynamics of sailing.


Johanna Königsberger, Lukas Wochinger

The aim of this yacht is to bring families with the same interests together for a sailing trip. The layout of the yacht is separated into a private and a social area. The front of the yacht reflects a sporty, dynamic design approach, while the back is influenced by social aspects. Multiple yachts can be connected to one big social area. Each of the yachts hosts different leisure-time equipment.

Sunbeam JUICE

Christoph Andrejcic, Jakob Tiefenbacher

Sunbeam JUICE should incite a passion in young people for sailing. The concept offers simple sailing solutions and therefore even beginners can navigate the boat. Special bumpers provide protection during collisions. Everything is possible on deck: Starting with a comfortable sun deck, a large social area, to cooking and cooling possibilities.

Sunbeam PURA

Rosanna Schmidle, Simon Schuster

Sunbeam PURA is a sailing yacht for people who seek a contrast to their daily urban lives. A ramp ensures a smooth transition between the interior and the bathing platform. Those onboard can access the water directly by opening a sidewall. The asymmetric design imparts the exterior with individuality and noblesse.


Simon Zachhuber, Daniel Farmer

Sailing on a yacht is all about being outside! So why have an interior? The concept Sunbeam INSIDEOUT focuses on placing all activities on deck and minimizing the interior. The yacht still offers plenty of space for sleeping, swimming and relaxing. Hence, the yacht appears to be a floating island, with an invitation to kick back and relax.

Sunbeam EASE

Sarah Thauer, Jeannine Szepanski

Freedom, love of nature and community. These are the three most important values for sailors. Hence the focus of the elegant thirteen-meter long concept yacht lies on time spent together on deck. The layout of the deck offers a generous lounge area on the top level, with space on the level below for cooking and eating after an exciting sailing trip. An essential design element is the ribbon of glass windows that elegantly wraps its way around the yacht.