Fields of Expertise

Glass Construction


The focus of research in the field of glass construction lies in determining the flexural tensile strength of various types of glass, as well as developing structures and supporting structures in thin glass with a thickness of two millimetres and less.

In the field of glass construction, the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering is researching means of determining glass strengths and developing structures and supporting structures in glass.

The so-called flexural tensile strength of various glass types, such as single-pane safety glass (ESG), is an indispensable value for measuring glass elements used for construction purposes. This material characteristic is determined by increasingly subjecting a glass surface to tension until breaking point. For standardised tests such as the coaxial double ring test, these tensile strengths can be determined using the Institute's laboratory equipment.

These strengths are measured in research projects carried out together with glass manufacturers including SFL technologies GmbH. A particular focus is on thin glass technologies where glass with thicknesses of two millimetres and less is used in supporting structures.