Fields of Expertise

Health Promotion and Prevention Strategies


The various occupational groups of the Department of Health Studies work together in close, interdisciplinary cooperation to develop and evaluate public health strategies for health promotion and preventive healthcare. Current focuses include healthy aging and obesity research.

Cooperation across the Health Studies institutes enables the development and evaluation of concepts and strategies for health promotion and prevention. Priority is given to the subjects of obesity and healthy aging.

The Department examines the factors influencing the early development of obesity. Research aims at developing preventive strategies which focus on nutrition at the behavioural and molecular biological level, exercise, participation, and health literacy. Other key areas of research undertaken at the Department include healthy aging and dementia research. The core competences of the institutes in this field include:

  • developing strategies to avoid frailty and falls,
  • compensating for age-related limitations
  • improving the quality of life in old age.

Together with partners in business and industry, the institutes develop and evaluate interdisciplinary concepts for health promotion in the workplace.