Fields of Expertise

Integrated Development of Innovative Protein Sources for Food and Feed Production


Supplying populations with high-quality protein has been recognised as a key issue in Europe. One approach to ensuring the economically, environmentally and socially sustainable supply of protein is to turn to alternative food and feed sources, such as insects, fungi, algae and local legumes.

Research in this field examines the use of high-protein food and feed sources (many of which are still regarded as unusual in Austria) throughout the value chain and develops technologies and products which have a real ecological and economic impact. It is aimed at generating new inventions, involving stakeholders and consumers from the start and placing a focus on requirements and innovations. The key goal is to develop equipment and processes, as well as actual foodstuffs and animal feed.

The first step focuses on insects: this reflects current research needs as well as significant public interest, and offers huge development potential. To ensure that research funding is used in an effective manner, established research infrastructure and expertise should address and facilitate the inclusion of all types of alternative and sustainable sources of protein – not just insects – in the food chain.