Fields of Expertise

Multimedia and Interface Development


The World Wide Web, multimedia computer systems, smartphones and smart homes: the increasingly rapid pace at which new devices and applications are being developed raises the question of how human machine interfaces should be designed and programmed to ensure that their use is not only intuitive but also fun, and appeals to as many senses as possible.

The human machine interface plays an extremely important role, whether in the form of computer installations, webpages, interactive 3D worlds, mobile phones or the smart devices we use every day. The Institute of Business Informatics and Data Science develops and programmes software and interfaces in partnership with museums, companies and NGOs. It develops programmes for a variety of end devices including microcontrollers, PCs and mobile devices. These applications are optimised using a range of usability methods, taking special account of the wishes and requirements of people with special needs.

The potentials and opportunities offered by the new media, as well as input and output devices, are explored in practical projects. This encourages the transfer of knowledge to companies, scientific colleagues and students.