Fields of Expertise

Overall Vehicle Engineering – Numerical and Experimental Analysis


The focus of research at the Institute of Automotive Engineering lies in innovative vehicle design and sustainable mobility, with a focus on the vehicle as a whole. Research fields include virtual system development – model development and simulation – as well as testing: from mechatronic control systems and applications through to components and entire systems.

Automotive manufacturing and supply industries increasingly demand highly qualified development partners with a comprehensive range of expertise and knowledge extending beyond individual components to include the vehicle as a whole. The contract and development projects carried out at the Institute of Automotive Engineering focus on: * virtual product development, i.e. simulation-based optimisation using computer-aided methods, * experimental testing of individual components and entire vehicles.

The pillars of applied research are:

  • design – methodology, analysis, concept development, proof of concept
  • calculation and simulation – FEM analysis, CFD simulation, multibody system methods
  • control systems and application – development, design, presentation and optimisation of mechatronic systems
  • experiments and tests – experiments, signal acquisition and processing, analysis

In early 2000 the Institute established an accredited test facility according to the international standard EN 17025 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The comprehensive quality management system ensures the consistent high quality of our testing services for partners and clients.