Fields of Expertise

Power Electronics in Energy Systems & Mobility


Modern energy and mobility systems are based on the conversion of electrical energy. The Institute of Electronic Engineering conducts research in this field and, by setting up the JOANNEUM Power Electronics Center, has established a major R&D centre for highly efficient and extremely miniaturised power electronics systems.

The path from CO2-free power generation to zero-emission mobility requires appropriate storage capacities as well as highly efficient and compact solutions for the many stages involved in the conversion of electrical energy. Using modern power electronics based on novel transistors with wide-bandgap semiconductors allows the different forms of energy to be optimally adapted to specific requirements and reduces conversion losses by around 50 percent.

Specific expertise is required to develop optimised systems from these new semiconductor components. The development process involves state-of-the-art simulation methods, advanced packaging techniques and methods of high-frequency technology. The Institute of Electronic Engineering offers a comprehensive range of development services in this field. It has the capacity to assemble complete functional models such as inverters with a power range of several 100 kilowatt hours, and to test them in its own power lab.

Typical projects in this research area include:

  • battery charging systems for hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • solar inverters
  • high-speed generators for gas turbines
  • test facilities for inverters