Fields of Expertise

Smart City Modelling and Simulation


Smart cities require interdisciplinary solutions for dealing with the core areas of energy, mobility and urban development. Due to the extensive quantities of data available, it requires state-of-the-art simulation programs to produce meaningful analyses which reveal the actual dynamic processes and complex relationships within cities and regions.

The Institute of Energy, Transport and Environmental Management is drawing on its comprehensive expertise in the field of technological environmental protection to address the challenges faced by tomorrow's cities and regions.

Modelling and simulating dynamic urban processes

Smart cities are complex, ecosocial and technical networks. Consequently, the solutions they require usually involve a range of fields and technologies and a comprehensive and complex data base. Determining these solutions requires the latest software for modelling and simulating dynamic urban processes.

The Institute of Energy, Transport and Environmental Management uses the Neplan software package for its energy network calculations and to simulate power grids, including connections with power generators of all types. Heating networks and thermal storage systems can be calculated and analysed using the IPSE Pro software tool.

Questions of mobility are dealt with using multi-modal VISSIM traffic flow simulation software and a real-time traffic simulator. The analysis tool Matlab/Simulink is used for examining transdisciplinary issues.

These and other analytical tools enable detailed and comprehensive predictions about existing and future urban developments, providing planners, operators and authorities with a sound decision making basis.