Fields of Expertise

Web Literacy


The Web Literacy Lab team explores digital communication processes and digital innovations in journalism, PR and social media and develops prototype content strategies for companies and organisations

This research field covers application-related topics in journalism, PR and online communications. For this research we are able to draw on our extensive experience gained from implementing countless projects. We use a wide range of methods, from qualitative research to network analyses, from surveys to digital methods. The focus on empirical social science, the leading discipline, is particularly strong, and is supplemented by new research disciplines such as internet research. We also cooperate with development partners from the field of engineering.

We provide innovative services to business partners who approach us with specific problems and the expectation that we will find solutions. They usually take the form of joint projects in which we are responsible for undertaking the relevant design and communication tasks.

One outcome of the Web Literacy Lab project is a series of guidelines for sound and professional content strategies on the web. They create the basis for generating content; from empirically identifying the needs of the target groups through to advanced training for the employees involved.