Alfred Karl Steinhuber




Dipl.-Ing.(FH)Alfred Steinhuber, MSc, studied Industrielle Elektronik (Dipl.-Ing.(FH)) at university of applied sciences in Kapfenberg. During his study he was working at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG in Graz where he was developing software functions for the thermal and electrical management of a plug-in Hybrid vehicle.

Since October 2009, he is researcher and project leader in the field of vehicle simulation and energy management strategies for future concepts of electrified cars at FH JOANNEUM, where he concurrently studied the master degree programme in Advanced Electronics Engineering, completed in May 2012.

In the last years he was deepening his knowledge in the area of model based design for developing algorithms for power electronic converters. He is further specialized in the area of industrial process automation and control.

Beside his scientific project work he is working as a lecturer for ECE and ECM in the area of model based design and automation. As laboratory coordinator for the electronic engineering department in kapfenberg, he is open for any inquiries or wishes in this respect.

His main fields are project work/-and coordination

  • Function development for power electronics in the field of automotive engineering and testbeds
  • Model based function development for μC and FPGA
  • Simulation of vehicles and new energy management strategies for new electric vehicles
  • Lecturer at ECE and ECM
  • Student projects, bachelor thesis and master thesis