Erich Maierhofer



Graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration Austria, Master in Business Administration, July 1994.

Since July 1994 Research Official at the Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Service of Germany in Nuremberg working in the departments – Statistical Methods and Analyses - Regional Labour Market Research (1994-1998) and Information Management (1998-2002). Since 2002 Senior Consultant in the Department of Controlling and Finance (CF1) in the Headquarters of the Federal Employment Service, Nuremberg. Responsible for information management of all Employment Service Agencies. IT-Project Manager to develop and implement a new controlling system to support main activities of the German labour market reform process from 08/2003-02/2005. Since 2004 Deputy Director of the Controlling and Finance Department (CF1).
Since 2000 freelance short-term consultant for public sector labour market reform in the Republic of South Africa, People’s Republic of China and Romania.

Since 1998 at the FH JOANNEUM, lecturer for Socio-Political Aspects of Information Society.

Current research interests include different forms of visualization of management information based on large social data sets and development of new key indicators to analyse regional labour market processes.