Verena Kolm




Verena Kolm is a texter and journalist. She started working at FH JOANNEUM in 2013 in the areas of public relations, social media and as a designer of texts for publications at the Institute of Design & Communication. Since autumn 2020, she has also been providing public relations support for the Industrial Design, Journalism and PR degree programmes and the Master's degree programmes at the Department of Media & Design.

During her German studies at Karl-Franzens University, she wrote for the weekly newspaper Der Falter, the daily newspaper Kurier, completed an internship at the magazine Datum - Seiten der Zeit and worked as press spokesperson for the student government ÖH Uni Graz during the unibrennt movement.

She then studied information design and exhibition design at FH JOANNEUM. In autumn 2018, she went to Rome and spent a year studying the Italian language, culture and exploring the Italian joie de vivre as part of her educational leave. In addition to her work at FH JOANNEUM, she dedicates herself to her label @daskleinegrau, producing stuffed animals, and works for various events in Graz, such as organising the neighbourhood festival Lendwirbel or supervising Italian and French-speaking artists at the international festival for street and puppet theatre La Strada.


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Kolm, Verena: Ausstellungstexte, die gerne gelesen werden & wie man diese schreibt. Graz, FH JOANNEUM 2017