DI Dr.

Wolfgang Weiß



Wolfgang Weiß is working at FH JOANNEUM since 2019 as a lecturer in the Bachelor program "Production Engineering and Organization". Previously he was Lead Researcher at "Virtual Vehicle Research Center" in Graz, responsible for the acquisition, management and implementation of national and international research projects in the field of automobile production.

The areas of expertise of Wolfgang Weiß include general mechanical engineering, toolmaking, non-cutting manufacturing and simulation. In addition to his teaching activities, he is currently leading the development of virtual collaboration methods in the research project "ICON - Immersove Co-Creation". Further he is acquiring R&D projects in the fields of manufacturing and production technology.

Publications (extract):

Weiß, Wolfgang; Koplenig, Michael; Alb, Michael; Graf, Johannes. (2016). Virtual method for the determination of an optimum thermal design of hot stamping tools. DOI: 10.1088/1757-899x/159/1/012004

Weiß, Wolfgang; Van den Boogaard, Ton; Till, Edwin; Atzema, Eisso; Grünbaum, Martin; Haufe, André. (2015). Enhanced formability assessment of AHSS sheets (ENFASS). DOI: 10.2777/58302 .