Equality & Diversity

Diversity Management

We promote individual differences and social diversity.


Diversity and variety constitute a challenge for modern society. People differ with regard to age, origin, socio-economic background, worldview, sexual orientation, gender, physical and mental abilities, religion, ethnicity etc. On the one hand, the interplay of this diversity can lead to misunderstandings that is the result of incomprehension of the unknown; on the other hand, it can bring with it a permanent and deeper enrichment of our society and the reality of life. Diversity management is the strategy of perceiving, acknowledging and valuing diversity in society. The focus here is on individual potential. Innovation through diversity. Each and every one of us is unique!


People have different needs and abilities, but they also have special potentials and prerequisites when it comes to completing a university degree. FH JOANNEUM has the right premises that ensure accessibility throughout for people with different levels of mobility. Furthermore, the workspaces, lecture halls and common rooms are in line with the requirements of the 21st century.
FH JOANNEUM has developed innovative solutions for special requirements in the past, such as the CD-ROM for IT sign language. In addition, FH JOANNEUM is also actively involved in networks, such as uniability, in order to benefit from progress at other universities.

FH JOANNEUM supports the lives of students and staff with disabilities to ensure their equal rights and opportunities. Deafness, hearing impairment, visual impairment, blindness, limited mobility, chronic or mental illness do not represent an obstacle in many studies and work processes in the ACADEMIC WORLD OF FH JOANNEUM.

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Migration, Culture, Religion and Ethnicity

FH JOANNEUM sees itself as an educational institution with a broad understanding of diversity and individuality. This diversity brings about different dimensions which can become intrinsically important identity categories for others (the outside world) or for the group itself. Such dimensions include origin, religion, skin colour, ethnicity, cultural sense of belonging, world view, social background or age. Likewise, the "soft", flexible affiliations at the university, such as the categories of student, employee or professor, may be attributed to diversity, with implications for life at university or at work.

This results in a wide range of areas with special topics concerning work and study, different approaches as well as behavioural patterns. Personality, education or income can also represent perceived multifaceted distinctions.

The multiplicity of characters leads to "colourful" worlds of work and study; all of them deserve equal and equivalent conditions for active participation in social life within a community. At FH JOANNEUM, accepting social diversity forms the basis for working and studying that is free of aggression, insults or humiliation. The common ground is respectful communication and fair social interactions.