Anniversary Celebration: 15 Years of Dual Study Programs in Austria

Dual studying means ...


At FH JOANNEUM, with "Production Technology and Organization" the first dual study program in Austria was launched in winter semester 2002. As this year marks our 15th anniversary, we’d like to take the chance to shed light on the rise of dual study programs together with other universities and partner companies as well as provide a glimpse at the future.

In the morning session of the conference, the platform “Duales Studium Österreich” will take place. Here representatives of universities and business partners, as well as students and graduates, will discuss the role of companies within dual studies with the moderation by Günter Essl from University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

In the evening, we cordially invite you to join our celebrations!


10:30 am – 3:30 pm Conference of the platform “Dual Studies Austria”
4:30 pm Presentation of dual study programs in Austria
Reception with craft beer tasting

Dr. René Rehorska, beer sommelier

5:00 pm Anniversary celebration

o. Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Karl P. Pfeiffer, FH JOANNEUM

Panel discussions
Dual studying means ...
  • ... for universities and education
  • Representatives of educational institutions and corporations
  • .... For companies
  • Representatives from business and industry
  • ... for students, graduates
  • Representatives from the degree programs
Discussion Leaders:

Katalin Szondy, Platform “Dual Studies Austria”
Georg Wagner, FH JOANNEUM

6:30 pm Buffet

Please register before January 30, 2018 at http://fhj.to/dualstudieren