(canceled) Workshop “How to be an Ally”

Intercultural skills and intercultural competence


Is part of the Workshop series “Dealing with Diversity”. An ally refers to a person who actively & continuously opposes a discriminatory system. On the 13.05.2022 (2-6pm) you will be offered the opportunity to work on what does this mean and what role an ally has on this context.

This event was canceled

The workshop series "Dealing with Diversity" teaches basic intercultural skills. Participants are sensitized to the significance of different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds as well as to the effects of individual and societal discrimination and learn not only how to deal with intercultural challenges, but also how to respond confidently to racist attacks and discrimination.

On this workshop, the participants will work together on what it means to be an "ally," what role "white privilege" plays in this context, how to take an anti-racist stance, and what options are available when witnessing racism in public spaces, online, or when dealing with the police.


Mag. Nikolaus Reinberg ZARA – Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit

About the Workshop series Dealing with Diversity

The workshop series "Dealing with Diversity" teaches basic intercultural skills.

Participation in the whole workshop series (4 workshops) can be credited as part of the Intercultural Skills Certificates for Students as a course worth 2 ECTS.

Who can participate in the course?

The workshop series is aimed at FH JOANNEUM students and staff.

Language of Instruction: English


Please note, that registration is required . If you want to obtain credits you need to attend all 4 workshops.