Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

English II - Focus on the environment

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

This course is designed to enhance the students’ oral communication skills and combines existing vocabulary knowledge with technical terminology related to environmental impacts and technologies. The group project is aimed at combining the technical vocabulary with the relevant language devices (e.g.: language of presentations, language of statistics). This practice-oriented course also provides an interdisciplinary link to a technical course of the 2nd semester.

Course content:
1) Focus on oral communication:
- The language of presentations, trends and statistics
- Linking words and connectors
2) Focus on written communication
- Reports, descriptions of graphs and trends
3) Focus on current events and trends
- the environment and specialised vocabulary (e.g.: raw materials, industrial hazards, etc.)
- discussion of studies and articles with a focus on climate change, environmental impacts, pollution, sustainability, etc.
4) Project assignment: (Linked to one of the courses of the semester)
- group project consisting of a project paper and a group presentation
- focus on topics related to environmental impacts (e.g.: transport and health)

Learning outcomes

This module builds on Module BWM1 and provides advanced knowledge in the areas of accounting & cost accounting, the structure of corporate accounting systems, financial accounting and balance sheets, financial statement analysis and cost accounting. The English language skills taught in this module focus on environmentally relevant topics and issues.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Schneider/Dobrovits/Schneider/Grohmann-Steiger: Einführung in die Buchhaltung im Selbststudium, facultas; Bertl/Deutsch-Goldoni/Hirschler: Buchhaltungs- und Bilanzierungshandbuch, LexisNexis; Wagenhofer: Bilanzierung und Bilanzanalyse, Linde; Coennenberg/Fischer/Günther: Kostenrechnung und Kostenanalyse, Schäfer/Poeschel; Powell: incompany 3.0 Upperintermediate, Macmillan; Ibbotson: Cambridge English for Engineers, Cambridge; Brieger & Pohl: Technical English - Vocabulary and Grammar, Summertown publishing; Williams: English for Science and Engineering, Thomson
Journals: BWL: Bilanzbuchhalter und Controller; Zeitschrift für Controlling & Management; Englisch: Spotlight; Business Spotlight

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment with additional written/oral examinations