Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

English IV - Focus on Energy

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

This course is designed to enhance the students' writing skills with a special focus on formal and scientific writing. Existing vocabulary knowledge is combined with technical terminology related to energy and energy technologies. The group project is aimed at applying the technical vocabulary and language devices learned on the course.
1) Focus on written communication:
- Focus on paragraphing and summarizing
- Focus on scientific language and scientific writing
2) Focus on current events and trends
- the world of green energy
- the big players in the energy industry (companies, commodity trading,
- discussion of articles with a focus on renewable energy, nuclear power, etc.
3) Project assignment: (Linked to one of the courses of the semester )
- group project consisting of a project paper and a group presentation
- focus on topics related to energy (e.g.: energy transition, the future of energy, etc.)

Learning outcomes

This module provides the skills required for applications and company presentations, innovation management and occupational safety and enables students to make a successful appearance in addition to their high-level technical education. The English language training focuses on the topic of energy so that our graduates have profound and comprehensive language skills in the fields of energy, mobility and environment.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: Mell: Erfolgreiche Karriereplanung, Springer Vieweg; Püttjer/Schnierda; 20 perfekte Bewerbungen mit Profil, campus; Vahs/Brem: Innovationsmanagement, Schäfer/Poeschel; Eversheim: Innovationsmanagement für technische Produkte, Springer; Schwarz-Hausmann/Tremel: Praxishandbuch Arbeitssicherheit, TÜV Austria; Campbell: English for the Energy Industry, Oxford; Dummett: Energy English, Summertown Publishing; Dubicka & O'Keefe: Market Leader, Longman Group; Ibbotson: Cambridge English for Engineers, Cambridge; Brieger & Pohl: Technical English - Vocabulary and Grammar, Summertown Publishing
Journals: Englisch: Newsweek, The Economist

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Assessment methods and criteria

Continuous assessment with additional written/oral examinations