Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

Environmental Impacts in the Energy & Transport Sectors

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

This integrated course deals with emissions from energy and transport and their impact on the atmosphere. Topics also include environmental impacts of hydropower plants, noise and electromagnetic radiation (correctly: electromagnetic fields) and conventional measures used to reduce and prevent emissions.

Learning outcomes

Module UWM 2 provides students with a sound knowledge of resource management, life cycle analysis and the generation and impact of emissions in the energy and transport sectors.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: Haas/Schlesinger: Umweltökonmie und Ressourcenmanagment, WBG; Schüler: Ökosystemleistungen – ein Instrument des Umwelt- und Ressourcenmanagements in Deutschland?, ibidem; Biedermann/Vorbach: Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit: Strategisch-operatives Energie- und Ressourcenmanagement (Sustainability Management for Industries), Rainer Hampp Verlag; Wilde: Die nachhaltige Stadt: Zukunftssicherndes kommunales Ressourcenmanagement, De Gruyter Oldenbourg; Neugebauer: Handbuch Ressourcenorientierte Produktion; HANSER; Wagner/Borsch: Energie und Umweltbelastung, Springer; Fellenberg: Chemie der Umweltbelastungen, Teubner Studienbücher; Strauss: Kraftwerkstechnik, Springer Vieweg; Baumbach: Luftreinhaltung, Springer Verlag; Latif: Klimawandel und Klimadynamik, Eugen Ulmer Stuttgart; Kromp-Kolb: Schwarzbuch Klimawandel, Ecowin Verlag; Wright: Environmental Chemistry, Routledge; Manhan: Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, CRC Press; Cheremisinoff: Handbook of Air Pollution and Control, Elsevier Science; Eigner: Product Lifecycle Management, VDI Buch Journals:

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