Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

Introduction to Energy Engineering

Lecture, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

1) Introduction

a.       What is energy, forms of energy, energy sources and usage chains?

b.       Overview of the Global and Regional Energy Supply

c.       Overview of Global and Regional Energy Consumption

d.       CO2 and climate change

2) Heat

a.       Heat demand, heat consumers

b.       Heat generation, conversion from different energy sources

c.       Heat distribution and storage

3) Electricity

a.       Basics of electrical engineering (cable mechanism, materials (L/NL/HL)

b.       Direct current and network theory (Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws), series and parallel connection, oscillating circuits ...

c.        components such as voltage sources (AC/DC), batteries, electromagnetic energy conversion, motor, generator, transformer

d.    Voltage levels, power grids, distribution of power plants to the wall socket

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